Atelier Base was founded in Lisbon in 2008, by the architects Carlos Lemos Sequeira and João Caria Lopes, and since then, the idea of reality-specific Architecture with a bold positive attitude is included in every project. Nowadays having two partners in charge, João Caria Lopes and André Vieira de Castro, Atelier Base keeps searching in every project for its specificity along with a global thinking attitude.


Our approach to architecture is inclusive; with social, practical, economical and environmental issues integrated within the process. We consider architecture to be a process of dialogue and we involve experts, consultants, contractors and clients, in every stage of the design process.


joao caria lopes . founder . partner . senior architect

andré vieira de castro . partner . architect


joao henrique da cunha . architect

carlos lemos sequeira . consultant senior architect

pedro nunes pedro .  consultant architect

alice bianchini - erasmus +  (2019/2020)

lara brezn . erasmus+ intern (2019)

kasia beczek . erasmus+ intern (2019)

fábio lopes cabral . intern + architect (2017/2019)

sónia santana santos . erasmus+ intern (2018)

nela nebojsová . erasmus+ intern  (2018)

nancy pereira . student intern (2018)

mariana brito . student intern (2018)

diana lopes . student intern (2018)

paulina chustecka . erasmus+ intern ( 2018) 

maria sarralde . erasmus+ intern (2016/2017)

carlos lemos sequeira . founder . architect (2008/2012)