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chanchan innerlodge
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ChanChan Innerlodge . international architectural competition

 Location: Chan Chan Citadel, Peru.

Program: Lodge

Team: Atelier Base + Tiago Filipe Santos

Chan Chan is a unique place in the world, a large set of adobe citadel ruins are settled along a plained dry area looking towards the ocean.

The project consists in the anti-gravitical tension of a large Corten steel volume that softly lands on the sand ruins through the four stair boxes that have specific and unique directions. By this mean, we preserve is revealed, as a public human scaled square that acts as a reference point to the visitors.

The floating pure, anonymous, rectangular volume is an abstract enclosed space that recognizes the power of the Chan Chan site by denial. We lead the visitor through as intimate inner pathway. No views are given in its interior towards the citadels or the sea, all one can see is the sky and the ground in an existentialist relation between man and nature.

Several terraces/patios are excavated allowing the lodge to achieve a wide variety of rich and intense spaces where light and shadow play an important role. This gesture creates a continuity of linear spaces, like a set of attached corridors that are “liveable” instead of being just “walkable”. The periphery contains the main public spaces and acts as a large ring distributive corridor to where all paths are driven to. From the peripheric linear space we have access to the interior area where all bedrooms are placed, like semi-transparent boxes suspended in a void single terrace, a decompression and solitude momentum.

The ultimate step is the arrival at the roof plan where a new look towards the citadels are given, celebrating the infinity of the landscape and where the Innerlodge space relations become clearer.   

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