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The Intervention Area is a place where disconnected urban fabrics come together. Many of the existing streets seem to be interrupted once they come closer to this area. This Master Plan aims at linking these diverse areas through a matrix of urban pathways, interconnecting them through the landscape urban park. 

Korça's new city centre will thus promote greater civic and public involvement in a democratic emerging society. The interaction between the park and the city blocks will bring new activities and promote healthy and outdoor lifestyles and better places for children and seniors, and a public space alive 24 hours a day through the whole year. The new city blocks incorporate public space qualities on their interior, enhancing the sense of continuity and permeability with nearby neighbourhoods. 

A new public landscape park is proposed for the city centre, emphasizing the constant presence of the surrounding mountains of Korça on the city skyline. The Urban Park spreads out from the central part of the site and flows through the new City Centre, reinforcing its connection to the city and assuming a role as the conceptual foundation of the master plan. This new park also links the Cathedral, the Theatre and the town Hall Squares.

International architectural competition Korça cIty center Masterplan

Location: Korça, Albania

Program: City Center MasterPlan

Team: Atelier Base + CVDB e Tiago Filipe Santos + Domus Concept + PROAP

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