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Magokpark is designed and stands for different scales, drawing a new relation between the city and the river. The urban scale of the project is perceived as one big opportunity to build a void - looking up to urban sustainability. The project creates a huge park where the surrounding buildings work as containing walls between the park and the lake.

The project qualifies the waterfront through a continuous line designed for the human scale and a whole new programe for the site. Without cars in it, Magokpark offers to the user, by foot or bicycle, new stores, restaurants, pubs, sports clubs and boat facilities. New plazas, esplanades, sightseeing points, sports fields and marinas.

Magok Waterfront International Architectural Competition . South Korea

Location: Magok, South Korea

Program: Waterfront Marina

Team: Atelier Base + Afonso Almeida Fernandes + Artur Dias

atelier base-magok(1)
atelier base-magok(2)
atelier base-magok(3)
atelier base-magok(4)
atelier base-magok(5)
atelier base-magok(6)
atelier base-magok(7)
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